26 March 2020

Good to Know

Dear Guests,

You were craving for spending a few days in Eugénie, and we were much looking forward to welcoming you.

Unfortunately, in regards with the dreadful coronavirus global pandemic, the French Government took the safe and sensible measure to lock down all the “non-essential” businesses such as Restaurants and Leisure venues.

As a consequence, Les Prés d’Eugénie is closed temporarly, and we are not able to provide you with the beautiful moments you had planned.

Hopefully, this closure is not permanent.
Because we do not read tea leaves, we still do not know when the hotels and restaurants will be allowed to reoppen.
We decided, prudently, to consider June 1st as our reoppening date.

Our Reservation Team is fully available to accompany you in the Reschedulling and Cancellation Processes.

If you have a reservation for a coming date, we kindly prompt you to contact us, to reschedule or cancel your stay, with the following conditions :

  1. Reschedule your stay, later this Year 2020, between June 1st and December 30.
    the Deposit will be transfered on this new date.
  2. Reschedule your stay, on Year 2021 (up to May 31st).
    the Deposit will be transfered on this new date, with no penalty.
  3. Cancel your booking and convert your Deposit into a Credit Voucher, valid for a 18 month period.
    This voucher will be fully refundable at the end of the 18-month validity, if not redeemed.
    This exceptionnal cancellation policy has been promulgated by the French Government (Ordonnance 2020-315 of March 25th 2020) in order to protect french businesses from bankrupcy and economic layoffs, during the coronavirus crisis.

Les Prés d’Eugénie make no turnover since March 15th.
Retaining the deposits of our guests allows us to :

  • pay the salaries of our 200 employees who are placed on a temporary unemployment status (the French Government allow companies to place their employees in temporary unemployment – 84 % of the initial wages are still paid by the company. The companies are compensated afterward)
  • pay the salaries of the 35 employees who still work in Eugénie (gardens, maintenance, reservation, vineyard, accounting and HR)
  • pay our suppliers and allow them to survive the crisis
  • pay the maintenance processes a minima, to be able to reoppen in good conditions as soon as it is possible

Our clients, loyal guests and Friends of Eugénie fully support us in this situation.
We are convinced that you will understand this exceptional measure we were forced to take, and we thank you deeply for your understanding and indulgence.

If you wish to cancel your booking (for a stay planned between March 1st and September 15th), and obtain your Credit Voucher, please contact us by email, and enclose as attachment the confirmation email we sent you.
Our Reservation Department will do their best to guaranty an efficient and peaceful processing of your request.

All the Eugénie’s Team is heartily looking foreward to welcoming soon in or beautiful green heaven, and offer you and your loved ones delightful and unforgettable moments of joy and sharing.

With all our warm and respectful regards,

Michel, Eléonore & Adeline Guérard
et toutes les Troupes des Prés d’Eugénie


Thursday March 26th 2020

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