The Eugenie wellness philosophy

Exclusive care designed for you and you only. Slimness expertise, internationally recognized since 1975. Medical skills acclaimed by health authorities as the foundation of our proceedings… Eugénie’s approach to health is driven by the respect of natural principles, the highest consideration for our patients’ personal needs.

This medical philosophy stands on six pillars.

  1. Two Heavenly Health Cuisines®
    At Les Prés, we profess a hedonistic and gastronomic approach to dietetic cuisine through Cuisine Botanique® and Great Slimming Cuisine®, creations of chef Michel Guérard, distinguished with three Michelin stars.
    Cuisine Botanique® is the privilege of guests joining us for the Detox and Fast SOURCES Healing Retreats ; it was conceived to purify the body, restore balance with great swiftness and efficiency. Great Slimming Cuisine®, with its abundant choice of fine dishes, is ideal for the Hot Springs Healing Retreat, Detox Getaways and “A la Carte” stays.
  2. Expert and Natural Care
    The healing techniques handpicked for each program are selected to match the health objectives, and to repair, soothe, drain and rehabilitate the body in a benevolent, natural and wholesome way. In Eugénie, there will be no perfusions, no syringes and no chemicals; you will be treated with tested
    methods and therapies, based on manual, herbal, dietetic, cognitive, sportive and medical approaches.
  3. Responsible Fitness and Diet Programs
    Depending on your needs and desires and on the program you choose, a fitness and diet program will be proposed to you, ranging from the intensive training with its year-round followup and individual coaching to the most casual experience, including free access to group and custom sessions.
  4. State of the Art Medical Assistance
    Each care program offers a suitable and fully personalized medical assistance : full health check, physiotherapeutic assessment, exhaustive nutritional assessment.
  5. A wide array of Stimulating and Tonifying Experiences
    Guests willing to improve their stay with wholesome activities sustaining mental and physical health will draw great benefit from the Mind, Body & Soul activities, included in every program. It allows our guests to craft their own path to well-being, with sportive, convivial and creative steps.
  6. A Retreat away from Time
    Eugénie’s pastoral environment, nested in a vale as luxuriant as it is exotic, is the ideal setting to connect your inner self, and to experience the program to the fullest. The gentle chime of church bells paces the flow of time, as do the whispering fountains and the murmur of wind in the foliage; you will find that hours here elapse in a very unique way.