24 thermal treatmentsbody composition analysis1 physiotherapy check
1 kinesiotherapy massage1 Jacquet treatment1 dermo-aesthetic consultation
Great Slimming Cuisineinfusion curedietetic counselling

Expert Program: kinesiotherapy & dietetic counselling
7 Nights
From3 640 €rates per guest, on a double occupation basis
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Therapeutic Goals

  • Assessing the current state of your body (metabolism, bone structure, ageing)
  • Rebalancing the body’s metabolism
  • Lowering the levels of oxidant stress
  • Restoring adequate energetic balance
  • Rebuilding good nutritional habits
  • Improving vitality
  • Preventing age-related health issues (joint and muscle degeneration, diabetes, hypertensioncholesterol, excessive weight, digestive disorders)

“Anti-Ageing” Expert Program includes:

  • 1 full dietary and « lifestyle » assessment at the beginning of the program
  • A global consultation* at the beginning of your stay
  • 1 body composition analysis
  • 1 physiotherapy check (osteo-articular system)
  • 1 appointment for a « full evaluation and personalized strategy » dietetic counselling session
  • 1 dermo-aesthetic consultation
  • Full board in Great Slimming Cuisine
  • Eugénie’s daily thermal water and infusions cure
  • 24 hot spring treatments, depending on prescriptions
  • 1 personalized kinesiotherapy massage
  • 1 Jacquet’s renovating facial skin massage
  • Access to the Mind, Body & Soul activities

The Stay:

  • 7 nights in the choosen category
  • Full board in Great Slimming Cuisine
  • access to Fitness Studio & Bikes