DETOX holidays


2 910 €

for 1 guest at Les Prés d’Eugénie *****

Recharge your energy, refocus, reconnect, breathe, look…
Our SOURCES Detox programme offers you the privilege of suspended time to find the balance between mind, body and soul that you have been dreaming of.
A deliberate exile to reconnect with the fundamentals.

Guided by Annie, our “good fairy” dedicated to SOURCES programme, our retreats start on Sunday evening, enabling the participants to travel quietly. A warm welcome, around an “Aperitif-Tisane” will help everyone to get to know the place and the other participants.
After a divine night, it’s time to start the Detox programme!

A peaceful 6-day ritual

Our retreats offer you that long-awaited exile, far from the world and its little daily hassles, a safe haven just for you, combining precious solitude, gentle physical activity (allowing the mind to align with the body) and inspiring gatherings.

A regular day consists of the following

* french speaking programme

  • 7.30 am: a warm lemon juice is delivered to your room. Take the time to wake up quietly
  • 8.00 am: meet Annie for a 1 hour physical workout: meditation, stretching, soft yoga
  • 9.00 am: you sip your “Breakfast Juice” of the day
  • 11.00 am: individual treatments or free time
  • Noon: Lunch (for those who have opted for the “botanical cuisine” menu)
  • 3.00 pm: Workshop (Chinese medicine, mindfulness, healthy juices…) or free time
  • 5.00 pm : yoga
  • 7.15 pm: Dinner (or broth for those who have chosen the ” Fasting ” programme)
  • 8.00 pm: Guided relaxation
  • 9.00 pm: Bedtime !

Each participant is free to join in the activities, or to enjoy a moment alone. Freedom is the rule at a SOURCES retreat.

Our 2 Programmes: Botanical Detox or Fasting RETREAT

Because we are not all created alike and we do not all have the same expectations of a detox retreat, our SOURCES weeks are offered in 2 dietary variations.

Fasting Retreat

Fasting is probably the oldest approach to detox. Very common in Germany and popularised by Dr Buchinger’s method, it consists of abstaining from all solid foods for a few days to improve one’s physical condition. The rest period of the digestive system offers a real break to our organism, an essential pillar of the detox.
The diet we propose is accompanied by drinks throughout the day: hot lemon juice and low-sugar vegetable/fruit juice in the morning, tonic or detox infusions and flavoured waters during the day, tasty and invigorating seasonal vegetable broths in the evening.
Fasting is above all a real personal and human adventure. By choosing to do it with us, you will do it in perfect safety, under careful supervision.

Asperges "Reine des Landes" simplement grillées à la Cheminée

Detox Program

Discover this vegetal cuisine, whose framework is based on the legendary dietetic expertise of Michel Guérard. Our Botanical Cuisine®, deliciously designed without meat products and without carbohydrates, allows you to obtain benefits similar to fasting (drastic reduction in carbohydrate intake allowing the metabolism to go into ketosis), without depriving you of the pleasure of meals.

Example of Botanical Cuisine:

    Warm lemon juice
    Jus de citron tiède
    Juice of vegetables, fresh herbs & fruits
    Caesar salad with Seitan ▼ Roasted apple with blackcurrant
    Cauliflower Risotto with Madiran Mushrooms ▼
    Cocoa/Avory Pot

sources retreats

Our SOURCES retreats include:

  • accommodation at Les Prés d’Eugénie, from Sunday 4pm to Saturday 11am on the specific dates (below)
  • your meals, from Sunday evening to Saturday morning, according to the chosen programme: Fasting or Botanical Detox
  • daily “SOURCES” support, by our specialist Annie Lepiller, including body awakening activities, guided walks, yin yoga, hatha yoga, relaxation, mindfulness workshops (between 2 and 3 activities each day)
  • daily access to the Ferme Spa with thermal steam bath, Nordic bath, sauna and infusion
  • 1 Great Belly detox treatment (45′)
  • 1 “Detox Juice” workshop with our dieticians (60′)
  • 1 “Initiation to Chinese Medicine & Herbalism” workshop (120′)
  • unlimited access to our fleet of bicycles, heated outdoor pool (25°c) and fitness hut
  • unlimited access to the herbal tea and healthy snack bar
Les Prés d'Eugénie - Relais & Chateaux - Yoga in the lawn

2023 agenda

26 March to 1 April ◎23 to 29 April ◎21 to 27 May ✹24 to 30 September ✹October 29 to November 4 ◎

2023 rates

RETREAT FOR 1 GUEST 1 personne
“Détox Botanique”
Basse Saison ◎
1 personne
“Jeûne Botanique”
Basse Saison ◎
1 personne
“Détox Botanique”
Haute Saison ✹
1 personne
“Jeûne Botanique”
Haute Saison ✹
Chambre Supérieure2 910 €2 535 €3 630 €3 255 €
Chambre Deluxe Couvent ou Village3 270 €2 895 €3 990 €3 615 €
Suite Couvent ou Village4 170 €3 795 €4 890 €4 515 €
Chambre De Luxe “Grande Maison”4 530 €4 155 €5 250 €4 875 €
these rates include the services listed above. they do not include: local taxes, drinks not listed, individual treatments not listed and booked in addition.
“Détox Botanique”
Basse Saison ◎
2 personnes
“Jeûne Botanique”
Basse Saison ◎
2 personnes
“Détox Botanique”
Haute Saison ✹
2 personnes
“Jeûne Botanique”
Haute Saison ✹
Chambre Supérieure4 680 €3 930 €5 160 €4 410 €
Chambre Deluxe Couvent ou Village5 040 €4 290 €5 520 €4 770 €
Suite Couvent ou Village5 940 €5 190 €6 420 €5 670 €
Chambre De Luxe “Grande Maison”6 300 €5 550 €6 780 €6 030 €
these rates include the services listed above. they do not include: local taxes, drinks not listed, individual treatments not listed and booked in addition.