Healthy & Slimming Cuisine

Michel Guérard is a pioneering chef who started laying the foundations for this culinary and dietetic magic as far back as 1975.


Healthy, respectful of Nature, exploring French tradition flavours as well as exotics charms… Let yourself be amazed by this delicious and finely balanced Cuisine.

The Slimming Cuisine was created in 1975 by Michel Guérard, a true pioneer who laid foundations of this culinary and dietetic magic and made it evolve ever since.


Slimming Cuisine

Here are its basic principles :

  1. Quality of products (vegetable and fruits from Eugénie’s local producers,  Landes poultry, Chalosse beef, Fish from Saint-Jeant-de-Luz …). Most of these are organically produced or coming from local producers with high environmental value. 
  2. A reasonable daily calory count : between 1 400 and 1 500 daily calories including breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  3. Perfect balance between animal and plant proteins, complex carbohydrates, unaltered fatty acids and fibers, vitamins and trace elements.
  4. Delight of an outstanding meal included dessert !


Few guilt-free recipes to taste in Eugénie :

  • starters : rouleaux de printemps aux légumes croquants, tarte fine tiède aux champignons de Madiran, zéphyr de carottes aux herbes, salade tiède de volaille façon “thaï”, ceviche de daurade grise aux mangues, œuf de ferme poché en habit vert …
  • main : champvallon lamb with thyme, creamy risotto of vegetables with shrimps, sea bass ceviche with mango, pigeonneau grillé sur la braise en cerfeuillade, cassoulet sans péché d’Eugénie, poissons de roche façon bouillabaisse, filet de boeuf grillé béarnaise “légérissime”, risotto au potimaron et champignons sauvages, tronçon de saint-pierre au vadouvan …
  • dessert : Paris-Brest with chicory, éclair moelleux au café, île flottante à la verveine d’Eugénie, tiramisu aux framboises, poire belle-hélène, pamplemousse rôti glace aux amandes …

Information & Booking :

Our Slimming menus change every day, both for lunch and for dinner.
They include a starter, a main course and a dessert, never counting more than 600 calories.

Slimming Menu of the Day : 60 € (excluding drinks)
Slimming Cuisine is served everyday for lunch and dinner, on prior reservation.

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