Eugénie Go Green !

Because we do believe from the very depth of our heart that Luxury shouldn’t be promoted when it is practiced to the detriment of Nature and Human Beings, we are sincerelly commited to practice our activity in the most respectful and sustainable way.

Our Property inherited some virtuous common sense practices from the Good Old Times. These solid foundations stated, we keep challenging ourselves untiringly, because we consider sustanability as an neverending duty, we owe to everyone : our community, our teams and our clients.
Therefore, every year we set a new array of objectives :

  • 2019 : plastic goods reduction,
  • 2020 : waste reduction and upcycling,
  • 2021 : staff wellness at work and carbon footprint reduction.


  • Richly filled with centenarian trees, hedges and coppices, our 8-hectares Parc is a home for various birds, owls and wildlife (hedgehogs, mice and rats, frogs, mollusks, bees, dragonflies, butterflyes and a large variety of insects).
  •  Our Park shelters a protected wild orchid ; you may spot it in the “Allée des Beaux Jours” in Summertime.
  • Our gardeners enrich the soils with a homemade compost made with the hundreds of  kilos of vegetable leftovers from the Kitchens.
  • Although we still use organic fertilizer once a year, we do not use any phytosanitary products in our gardens. Instead, we fight the parasites with biological control methods (insects, fungus, bacteries) and organic non-chemical treatments such as neettle manure.
  • Most of the herbs and flowers you will taste in our restaurants are picked every morning in our kitchen garden.
  • We have a Zero-Kilometer policy on flowers and the vast majority of the flowers and foliage that adorn our Maison grew onsite. When the gardens are “naked” we just use other kind of ornament, or we buy flowers that were cultivated in Les Landes.


  • Strawberries, raspberries as well as some citruses grow in Eugénie-les-Bains (Mr Cazade – the strawberry producer – is 81  y.o. and still loves to run the countryside on his racing bike !)
  • A large proportion of our vegetables (of which tomatoes) and our apples are grown 20 km away by the Bastelica Family ; The family settled their organic farm in 1978 ; we have been their most loyal client eversince.
  • Poultry (chickens, guinea fowl, pigeons) and beef have been raised with respect and kindness in Chalosse (the way our small surroundings are named), in small farms, all run by families.
  • We work directly with producers, farmers and butchers, not with wholesalers. This ethical choice guaranties the highest quality and fair remuneration for the farmers.
  • We make our best in order the Michelin-3-Star Menu, Orangerie Menus and Ferme aux Grives Menu comply with sustainable fishing ; this means that we agree to be dependent on the catch of the night, and that some fishes may be not available.
  • All the Menus in our different restaurants have been designed to eradicate foodwaste : overripe fruit are upcycled in breakfast jams, second category meats are revamped in delightful pâtés …