Mère Poule & Cie
Culinary Café

Two dazzling rooms with fireplaces and a sunny terrace give off a cosy atmosphere with sparkling Samovar and copperware.

Treat yourself with Mère Poules’s Hot Croissants, which you will savour hand in hand with a glass of good local wine.

Mère Poule & Cie is also a comfortable spot for an afternoon tea time or a late breakfast : tasty home-made French pastry, russian tea and creamy hot chocolate.

And many wonders to unearth in our Lifestyle Shop ! 

“Mère Poule” & Cie

  • Mère Poule & Cie is open from Wednesday to Friday, from 3 pm to 7 pm and Saturday to Sunday, from noon to 7 pm
  • “Gouter” from 8 € – 1 hot beverage & a piece of cake – and Aperitivo treats from 12 €

To ensure you get a table, we advise you to book in advance.