Michel Guérard and his brigade de cuisine offer three types of cuisine for your family dinners and professional events, starting from 10 guests :

  • Grande Cuisine Naturaliste at the 3-Michelin-stars Restaurant.
  • Great Slimming Cuisine a healthy and savoury trend of cuisine
  • Great Classics of Michel Guerard at L’Orangerie
  • The Terroir Sublime at the Ferme aux Grives



Michelin-Star-Cuisine at Michel Guérard Restaurant

Michel Guérard exalts the great French tradition, combining History, Nature and the thrilling Adventure of culinary creation.
The Gastronomic Restaurant has had three Michelin stars for more than 40 years now ! Every evening, (except monday and tuesday), and for lunch and dinner on week-ends.

Our Packages:

  • “Jour de Fête
    tasting menu of 7 courses (wine pairing 120€/ per guest)
    285 € per person
  • tasting menu of 9 courses (wine pairing 150€/ per guest)
    315 € per person
Les Prés d'Eugénie - L'Orangerie

Michel Guerard’s great classics at L’Orangerie

Menu Terroir Sublime 148€ / person

Grande Cuisine Minceur au Restaurant Michel Guérard

Healthy, respectful of Nature, exploring French tradition flavours as well as exotics charms… Let yourself be amazed by this delicious and finely balanced Cuisine. Every day for lunch and dinner.

  • “Minceur Lunch or Dinner”
    includes a starter, a main, a dessert
    (including a tisane-apéritif, water, 1 glass of wines and hot drinks)
    85 € per person

Rustic Cuisine at l’Auberge de la Ferme aux Grives

The atmosphere is Gascon and earthy, the service is warm, taste some of the most famous recipes from the region overlooking a wonderful kitchen garden… these are just some of the reasons why the Ferme aux Grives has become a genuine institution. The Ferme aux Grives is open every day, except Sunday night, Wednesday all day and Thursday for lunch.

Our Packages:

  • “Menu Rustique 1” 
    includes a starter, a main, a dessert
    (including apéritif, water, wines and hot drinks)
    76 € per person
  • “Menu Rustique 2”
    Includes a starter, a main (possibly the cochon de lait à la broche), a dessert
    (including apéritif, water, Bordeaux wines and hot drinks)
    86 € per person
  • “Menu Rustique 3”
    Includes two starters (possibly the foie gras), a main, a dessert
    (including apéritif, water, Bordeaux wines and hot drinks)
    96 € per person