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La Grande Cuisine Minceur
La Grande Cuisine Minceur

La Grande Cuisine Minceur


Author : Michel Guérard
Release Date : 04/2009
Editor : Robert Laffont
Number of Pages : 414
Format : 20 cm x 14 cm

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The publication in October 1976 of La Grande Cuisine minceur, the very first book in the collection, was a real bookstore event that all the media greeted.

Initiator of the very concept of “slimming cuisine”, Michel Guérard is still considered today as the greatest chef of his time. Before him, when it came to diet, there was little concern for taste: it was practically paramedical treatment that had to be taken to lose weight…

He has invented a new cuisine, whether “slimming” or “gourmet”, which always combines simplicity, taste and lightness without giving in to passing fashions. After having acquired and put into practice the most solid technical bases, he emerged from them to create new dishes according to his imagination and creative imagination. The only requirement is that a “meal must be a celebration”, but a celebration adapted to our times.

In this founding book, he delivers recipes to make you dream and the keys to a new way of life.

The recipes themselves are preceded by a real little treatise on cooking, blending and sauces: a perfectly clear and landmark summary of everything you should know before you even start cooking.

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