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Mémoires de Chefs
Mémoires de Chefs

Mémoires de Chefs


Author : Collectif, sous la direction de Nicolas Chatenier
Release Date : 10/2012
Editor : Textuel
Number of Pages : 322
Format : 32 cm x 26 cm

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Preface by Alain Ducasse.

Their names are Pierre and Jean Troisgros, Alain Chapel, Jacques Pic, Alain Senderens, Gaston Lenôtre, Roger Vergé, Paul Haeberlin, Michel Guérard, and they tell, with personal archives in support, the golden age of French cuisine. . . A dozen visionaries who, in the 1960s, began to shake up a culinary know-how inherited from the 19th century.

Succeeding the New Wave, the New Look and the New Novel, they embody the New Cuisine, according to the formula of Henri Gault and Christian Millau, that of new technologies, service on the plate, names of singing dishes, light sauces and salmon with sorrel. Through unpublished images and testimonies, these great chefs bring us back to this era of extraordinary, authentic and delicious emulation.

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